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I've made a few sppecialcolored pottery clamps. If I get more filament I will try to make more in the future.


The Pottery Clamp is a pottery decorating tool I have been developing and 3d printing for use in my own studio practice. The goal was to improve my studio ergonomics and make it easier to make my mugs.


The tool is designed much like the chuck in your power drill - depending on which way to turn it the jaws either get closer together or further apart. The jaws I have made are designed to fit inside your pot and you twist the purple disc to tighten in place. The main part of the tool has 2 bearings in it so it can freely spin allowing you to decorate 360 degrees of your form easily. The twisting check area is attached to a table clamp with a pivot joint between them. The screw is loosened and that allows you to pivot the main part of the tool to an angle most suitable for your work. The table clamp can easily be attached to any surface up to 2.25 inches thick. That is a lot to visualize, I recommend watching the videos here or ones on my instagram. As time goes on I will work on adding more explanation here.


Due to the popularity in versatility The solid foam covered jaws will be Included with all clamps.

The 3 jaws can easily be changed out to one of a different shape. The foam covered jaws work really well for both bisque and greenware, when working with greenware they add more support for decorating, adding handles, etc. If you would prefer the smaller L shaped jaws instead just send me a message. If there's something you would like specific to your needs please send me a message so we can sort out the design needed.



Please note this is something I intend to keep improving on and developing new parts for as folks request them. It takes over 30 hours to print each pottery clamp and will try to get yours sent to you as quickly as possible, please note there could be a few weeks turnaround time based on print time. If I receive more orders than I can comfortable print within a few weeks I will update listing to increase the wait time. I am printing all of these myself, if interest is high I will look at getting another printer for my studio.


Please message if you have any questions.


Pottery Clamp was independently developed, designed by Kaitlyn Brennan and have applied for patent.


I have been using this tool non stop and I could write an essay on all of the ways it has already improved my making process - less hand, wrist, and shoulder pain, less smudging of underglaze, so much faster, and more. Check out my instagram for more videos if it in use.

Pink Pottery Clamp

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