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Recent news​

Stonewall Gallery

Summer 2016

I am very happy to announce that Stonewall Gallery in Ottawa Ontario Canada will be carrying my new pottery.

You can find Stonewall Gallery at ......

Their website is:


​Summer 2016

This year I have been busy in the studio making lots of new work.  Some of that work has been sent to shows

Barn Fire and New Work

​Fall 2014

Before moving to Ottawa my studio was located in the milkhouse of my familys dairy barn, it was a great space I loved working in that studio.  Earlier this fall the barn burnt down, we still don't know what caused the fire but the entire barn was lost.  Luckily no one was hurt and there were no animals in the barn (my dad retired from farming in the last couple of years).  Unfortunately for me I still had a lot of my studio there, I had moved the necessities to Ottawa but had not had a chance to move everything.  All of my glaze materials, pots I'd made in the past year, test tiles, work left from my red lodge residency and other equipment including my kiln were there.  As we continue to clean up the debris we are finding some pieces still in tack so there is hope that no everything was lost.  Losing the barn has been devasting, not only did I grow up on that farm working in the barn everyday but I was also the 4th generation in my family on that farm so a lot of memories were tied to that building.  I have begun a new body of work this fall inspired by farming and the things that were lost in the fire.  I will post images soon but so far I am very happy with them.

New Studio

​Summer 2014

I have moved to a new house and it is big enough that I can have a studio at home for a change.  I hope it will allow me to get a lot more work done.  My studio isn't huge but it has everything I need, I have a nice big work table, lots of storage and my wheel.  To protect the flooring I have covered it in rubber sheeting it will also let me clean up my mess easily.  I love having my studio at home!


I have also begun to work with glass fusion, the equipment needed and process is really simple and there are lots of amazing potential.  I have been busy making all types of projects, the earings and pendants are very interesting and I am going to continue to explore this medium.

New Job

January 2014


For the first time since art school I have a job in the art industry, it's even in ceramics.  I have recently been hired as Studio Manager at the new Color Me Mine in Ottawa. Color Me Mine is a paint your own pottery company popular in the United States and now becoming popular in Canada.  I get to run the studio, glaze pots and fire kilns, I am so excited about the opportunity to work with ceramics again.

July 2012

As I've mentioned before I have moved back to Ontario and set up a studio in Stirling, unfortunately I don't have access to a soda kiln here. So I've decided to switch to earthenware, it's a choice i wouldn't have made if I had a nice downdraft soda kiln sitting in my backyard but I think it's probably been a good one for me.  I really love toothy, groggy high temperature clay that flashes and does all sorts of cool things in soda kilns, i had a palatte of slips and glazes that I'd tested and retested while in school, i knew what they could do and I relied on them.  I'm back at square one with earthenware, its smooth, brown and it makes my studio a big mess.  I really didn't know much about it, I honestly avoided it like the plague in art school, it has been a big learning curve.  I've finally gotten some pots through the kiln, click on the link below to check them out.    

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